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Thursday, October 29, Car Crash Avoiders label. No comments: This BlogThis!

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Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Labels: news. Posted by John H. Wednesday, October 28, Halloween Show Rundown. Wooden Shjips rocked New Haven.

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The place was packed with flannel and beards, as expected. The Ambassadors sort of had a Brian Jonestown Massacre vibe going on - dark shades and groovy 60s styled songs. The singer wore shades and played a big red hollow body. He wasn't really singing, giving more of a deadpan delivery, but it was still a real nice set. When Wooden Shjips went on they really kicked ass.

Waves and waves of drone and noise with a great driving backbeat all night. The guitar was incredible, and the vocals echoing from here to next Friday. They played most of the tunes off their new album, and they added a new one they said was part of their soundtrack to The Wicker Man they're doing the soundtrack for a screening of it in NYC on the 30th. They even closed the set with Neil Young's Vampire Blues featuring a guest harmonica player.

Glenville CT Sluts

Of course it was done up so it sounded like a Wooden Shjips song, but there's no problem with that. These guys nailed it - I hope they make it back to the East Coast soon. Labels: droneexperimentalpsychedelicshow reviewsshows. Have A Nice Life - Deathconciousness. Deathconciousness by Have A Nice Life arrived a few weeks ago. I've sat and brooded and thought; and I finally feel like I've thoroughly digested this one enough to write about it.

After years of work, the album was finally released last year to much critical praise and a rapidly expanding fanbase. The vinyl was pressed earlier this year in a very limited quantity.

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Firstly, the album packaging is beautiful. This gatefold double LP comes with a stark black cover emblazoned with a lone washed out black and white photo of a soldier. Inside, there's an interior classical painting which is slightly distorted and mirrored.

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Also included with the album was the entire booklet which includes an explanation of the album and the obscure "Deathconciousness" text. Perhaps it's meant to be read in tandem to listening to the album? It's a pretty dense bit of reading, so don't expect to fly through it. So how does it sound? On the surface, the music is all the things I love about bedroom recordings: reverbed out vocals, fuzzy guitars and pounding lo-fi drumming. Digging a bit deeper you'll find the dreampop sensibilities are supported by atonal drop-d metal riffs and razor-sharp vocal wit.

Each song is minimalistic to it's approach, but remains very calculated from start to finish.


There's a lot of crafting that went into each song, and it definately shows. Take "The Big Gloom" for instance - it's heartfelt lyrics drive the song through the beginning, but when the drums kick in, it's pure bliss that drives it home - it builds and builds until it's a wash of beautiful sound. The album remains a very personal work: it's dark, it's bleak and it's depressing.

Is your corpse smiling? The album was released through their own label, Enemies List.

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You should keep your eye on them for some up and coming bands. It's really shocking that something like this is coming out of Middletown! You can buy the record direct from Enemies List if there are any copies left, or you could go with a digital download.


Whatever your media preference, you should be snapping this up ASAP. Also, for anyone who is interested, there is a fan-produced collection of B-sides and demos from this album titled VOIDS which is freely available. While not quite on the same level as the album, there are some really heavy tracks there. Labels: droneheavylo-fimetalreleasesreviewsshoegaze.

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The Heiz at Cafe Nine. Why, it's enough to cause us hipsters to cry heresy. What would lead a band to believe that both Bon Jovi and The Beatles should be granted an equal share in their pantheon?

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Even worse, they go as far as that, and then forget all about Guns N' Roses. Wait, wait, put those torches and pitchforks down.

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We don't have to worry one bit, because it just so happens that the band in question is good. They're called The Heiz pronounced "haze" and they're from Tokyo.

Look, since centuries of Eastern philosophy and culture culminated in the creation of Nintendo, then it's really no surprise that this Japanese band manages to revisit the last five decades of rock 'n' roll without being boring about it. This raises a question, though: Are we too quick to burn some bands at the stake because of the cooler-than-thou sticks up our own asses? The problem is that it's impossible to think of an answer right now because I'm not going to waste energy coming up with a new and clever way of saying that Hartford's music scene is bone dry.

We all know already. But even a desert can get rain when the conditions are just right. Us Hartford locals have adapted by lying like Sea Monkeys in desiccated hibernation waiting for the rains to come. The refreshing team up of The Wworth Atheneum with Hartford Party Starters Union might not be bringing a Local Sluts Glenville CT of activity to Hartford, but if the Neon Indian show was any indication, they have definitely given us something truly great to finally dive into! Put the two together, and you have the perfect deal.

There are plenty of benefits that make it more than worth ing! Family Treasures D. Labels: show reviewsshows. Wooden Shjips reminder. Don't forget that tonight, Wooden Shjips is playing at Cafe Nine. Don't miss this one, folks. But if you do, they're playing at The Elevens in Northampton tomorrow, so that's not too far of a drive Make sure you see them though, since this is their first East Coast tour! Labels: psychedelicrockshows.

The band's song "Keepsake" was featured in the season three finale of Showtime's dark comedy Weeds. They've also played at the Democratic National Convention alongside Rage Against the Machine and other politically active bands.

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The first person to comment gets two tickets and one State Radio t-shirt, the second person to comment gets one State Radio t-shirt. Winners will be contacted through Facebook before the show about retrieving their tickets and shirts!

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It's that easy! Labels: all agesindie rockshows. CT Comp Record Vol. Ok, so I was digging through some record bins and stumbled across this - it's a compilation of local CT musicians from the 80s. I bought this with really good intentions, and I was more than surprised by what I heard. The compilation is a ton of bands doing all kinds of varied 80s new wave tunes.

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